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I've gotten a bit into token decks recently. My other one (the sane one) is Tokens, Tokens Everywhere.

... In case that last comment didn't clue you in, this deck is very much not sane. Nor is it made to win (although it does against some decks). This deck is made to create 1,419,857 creatures in a single turn. And then some.

The idea behind this deck, really, is that it is supposed to grow exponentially. The concept is based around Mirror-Sigil Sergeant , Parallel Lives, and Paradox Haze.

The Cards

The Combo Pieces

Mirror-Sigil Sergeant :

A really cool card that is the exponential base of this deck. The neat thing about it is the fact that it puts out copies of itself rather than simple 4/4 Rhino Soldier creature tokens with trample. This means that its copies make copies, in essence taking however many you have and doubling it each one of your upkeeps.

Parallel Lives:

This increases the number of tokens Mirror-Sigil Sergeant spits out along an exponential curve that depends on the number of Parallel Lives you have out. So:

With 0 Parallel Lives out, you multiply your rhinos by 2 each turn.

With 1 Parallel Lives out, you multiply your rhinos by 3 each turn.

With 2 Parallel Lives out, you multiply your rhinos by 5 each turn.

With 3 Parallel Lives out, you multiply your rhinos by 9 each turn.

With 4 Parallel Lives out, you multiply your rhinos by 17 each turn.

Yeah, it gets crazy.

Paradox Haze:

Now it gets even worse. Paradox Haze lets you activate Mirror-Sigil Sergeant 's ability multiple times per turn, with each already made copy getting to join in on the fun.

1 Paradox Haze gives you 2 upkeeps, which turns 1 Rhino into 2, which turns into 4.

2 Paradox Hazes then turns that into 8.

3 then turns that into 16.

4 then turns that into 32.



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