This is my first attempt at a tri-color deck. The deck's intent is to build up a quick 5-6 mana by turn 3 then stomp over the opponent before they can set up any shenanigans. Leyline of Sanctity is there to prevent excessive B/R/U control.

Win conditions:

  • Any of the bulky creatures played by turn 4 will most likely be larger than anything the opponent could have played. Fires of Yavimaya with a couple of big creature swings will be a quick victory. Doubling Season will instantly make these even more potent: Apocalypse Hydra comes into play as a 20/20 for 7 mana, Dragon Broodmother can produces 13/13 dragons during every one of your upkeeps, etc. Creature strength advantage will stick with you until extremely late game.

  • If unable to get past the opponent's defenses, Mayael's Aria provides a non-violent means of victory. With Mayael's Aria and Doubling Season on the field and at least 8 life, Ajani Goldmane can be played for his ultimate, which instantly gives a 8+/8+, which at the beginning of your next upkeep, becomes a 20+/20+ and results in an instant win. An excellent way to prevent decks that stall and mill.

  • Planeswalkers + Doubling Season is also a tried and true win condition.


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