Gruul Mana Ramp


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Started out simple, want complicated. How can I make this more competitive?


xArchangelx says... #1

Seems like a pretty basic R/G deck. I would replace the Satyr Hedonist with Burning-Tree Emissary . Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot this type of deck can do against board wipes. I like the idea of Golgari Charm . I play a Golgari Aggro deck, and the charm does a great job of completely preventing my opponents plan to wipe all my creatures. My only question is where are you getting the black mana to cast it? Speaking of mana, replace the Gruul Guildgate with a couple Temple of Abandon . The scry ability is crucial to cycling through some of the cards you may not want to draw next. But to prevent board wipes, i think you'd really have to fit in some black mana to cast the Golgari Charm . Maybe a couple Overgrown Tomb or at the very least some Golgari Guildgate . Overall seems like a very fun deck to play. Cheers, mate!

January 27, 2014 8:48 p.m.

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