New Gruul aggro deck. seems pretty self explanatory. If anyone has any advice feel free to leave it in the comments.

Updated on 2/2/1013. Removed a mountain and a forest and two Gruul Charm s and added two Domri Rade and two Stomping Ground . Played in fnm last night, and had a 66% win loss before I added the Domri and dual lands. I am going to try to take it to another FNM and see how it goes.

Updated on 2/4/2013. Removed 2x Rubblehulk and 2x Gruul Charm for 4x Spire tracker.

Updated on 2/8/2013. Added the rest of the shock and dual lands and took out equal forests and mountains for it. I also switched up some of the sideboard. I played in the FNM last night and took 13th out of 34. Round one was a blowout 2-0 in my favor against a Boros Battalion deck. The 2nd round was a mirror match against one of the mainstream Gruul decks, featuring Huntmaster of the Falls, Strangleroot Geist, and more burn cards. I lost to that 0-2, both games being close. The third round was a quick 5 min match against a UB Zombie deck. The 4th round I lost 0-2 to a Selesnya deck that featured Loxodon Smiter and Silverblade Paladin combo. I kept getting him down to 2 or 3 life and he would then swing for approximately 16 trample damage. The final round was a 2-1 against a Rakdos agrro deck. he kept unleashing his little guys and I steamrolled the first and last game. Lost the second game to mana flooding. Am currently considering taking out the the Skarrg Guildmages and maybe something else for either some red one drops or some burn.

Updated on 2/24/2013. I removed two Mugging and added the final two Domri Rade . I also changed the sideboard to reflect current meta where I am playing. I took second with the current build, except the Pillar of Flame s were muggings. I was 4-1, losing in the final round to B/G Zombies. I have since added to Pillar of Flame to get rid of the Geralf's Messenger.I am going to try to play this again today for the second Game Day.

Updated on 3/10/2013. Removed the Zhur-Taa Swine and replaced it with Thragtusk


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