Target power level is around a 4/10. I really want to limit tutors including land tutors. Hopefully this should end up about as strong as some of the old precons. The way the deck plays out makes repeated use of discarding effects to load up your graveyard with lands, hellkites, and activate madness abilities as well as threshold. with use of Loyal Apprentice, Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, or Tilonalli's Summoner you can activate Gallia's second ability on turn 3.

If you having any suggestions on cards to add to the deck please keep in mind that it is Female tribal. There are very few exception to this rule in the deck and I would like to keep it that way.

*******Also 69% Competitive 3/15/2020 ;)****** **************** **************** Non Female cards ****************

Ox of Agonas - Female oxen wouldn't have horns. Please someone help me justify this card. In the deck to refill your hand when your out of gas from the graveyard

Burning Inquiry - If you look closely the fire has a beard. In the deck because it amazingly efficient at filling up your graveyard and disrupting your opponents. The card is themed in the deck as a "blackout drunk party".

Faithless Looting: Really good card selection and great grave yard synergies. Thematically justified as a late night booty call with your ex. It seemed justified at the time but you started to regret it in the morning when you wake up to find that you just discarded gas and a land for two more lands.

Return of the Wildspeaker: Either a wincon or cardraw. Justified as meeting up with that ONE guy from your old high school.

Abandon Reason: This is female tribal ..... Shots fired....

Mob Rule: a really appropriately powered wincon. I just hear the song "All the Single Ladies" every time I play this card.

Cards to Question:

Bag of Holding: The card advantage is insane but I'm worried that I'm removing my early game grave synergy just to have it blown up before I'm able to use it. Is it worth it to store those cards at risk of seeming like a threat?

Ant Queen: Not sure if I need the late game mana sink, but the scenarios where I see it being useful are; against edict effects, after a board wipe and I'm low on cards and I need to get Gallia's effect going, gaining life with essence warden, going wide with regnata, or using the excess mana from both radha's (Grand Wardlord Radha esp. because the insect tokens will also generate mana). The downsides seem minimal, but there maybe a better card for this slot.

Abandon Reason: We're going to be attack with 3 creatures regardless if one of them die to an opponent this can help protect our creatures. This card is a nice surprise that works especially for surprising attack blowouts. It works really well with noose constrictor and can also be used to mess up combat that we are not even apart of. That being said the open mana for this card doesn't occur as often as I'd like (though Radha, Heir to Keld does work really well with this card).

Recycle: REMOVED TO SIDE BOARD. When you get the mana for this card the deck works extremely well with this card. Cards like Burning inquiry, tormenting voice, and magmatic insight suddenly provide card advantage. Gallia is cheap enough to make sure you'd at least be able to cast her to draw one at the worst case scenario, but you have card like Ox of Agonas, Bag of Holding, and Runehorn Hellkite to make sure that doesn't happen. Cards like Den Protector, Eternal witness, and Once and Future also interact really well with Recycling offering a potential 4 for 1 by getting back another playable card from the graveyard. That being said during testing the card seems clunky and is rarely if ever in your hand long enough to play it.

Fertile Ground: Ramping turn to may just not be fast enough for this deck. taking the time to ramp instead of setting up Gallia can sometimes provide your opponents enough time to make sure that Gallia never comes online due to to many blockers. Still find it better than arcane signet though =3.

Stormbind: It's flavorful, fits the theme of the deck, is repeatable removal, is both our colors, and just screams womanly charm. I'm keeping it. Haters gonna hate, but eventually in a match this card's gonna be great.

Manabond: The art of this card fits really well this the decks flavor as well as the effect. In game it acts as a potential insane turn 1 that can turn on gallia turn 2, but it works very rarely. It works really well with madness as you put down the lands before you discard your hand meaning Stromkirk Occultist can be played turn one if you get the right opening hand. The best function this card has for this deck though is as an incredibly efficient discard outlet being able to get rid of your entire hand for 1 green mana, and is also repeatable. It helps turn on ox of agonas, krosan restorer, Runehorn hellkite, and works extremely well with Ghirapur Orrery and Bag of Holding. It does have a habit of not being useful alot of the time, but having it sit on the board for one green can help with devotion for Nylea and Kloyths and a one mana spell is great for recycle.

Best Girls

Kari Zev, Skyship Raider One of the best ways to have turn 3 Gallia. She's a pirate that come's with her own monkey. nough said

Tana, the Bloodsower One of the deck's Secondary Commanders. She'll use dirty tactics to get her way and you best not be on the receiving end or it's likely to get messy. ;)

Grand Warlord Radha Another secondary commander for the deck. Provides excellent mid-game mana acceleration and works wonderfully with Ant Queen. She'll step on you =D.

Jaya Ballard, Task Mage A Planeswalker with a body, she'll provide damage, Destroy blue permanents, and board wipe. Hell with a leather tight black body suit, hair like a Riversong, and that smirk what doesn't she provide. I also want her to step on me.

Klothys, God of Destiny One of the secondary commanders of the deck and what you get when Lady justice and the Statue of Liberty preform a fusion dance. This giant blind woman sees more value in what your opponents have discarded than you'd think. The indestructible 4/5 body doesn't hurt either unless she's stepping on you.

Loyal Apprentice She is the best wing woman Gallia could ask for providing a turn 3 Gallia activation and provides the aerial support to keep them coming. I ship them Gallia + Loyal Apprentice <3 2020 <3

Stromkirk Occultist The kind of card that if you get it out turn one it makes your entire week. This Yennifar medusa looking chick has alot going for her; whether that is her ability to draw from opponents or come out on the board when you least expect it due to madness. You know she has a plan and your just a pawn in it.

deck:Skola Grovedancer While she maybe be a straight laced basically vanilla creature when you bring Gallia in the mix she becomes a 2 mana 3/3 with haste life gain and added utility. She's the kind of girl only Gallia could corrupt and by god does she do well corrupted ;). While you may not get that turn 3 Gallia activation she'll make sure that Gallia can keep the party going with that 3/3 statline on turn 4.

Territorial Hellkite She the kind of Alpha that make sure the others now their place. At 4 power flying and haste you'll never have to worry about one of 3 attackers needed for Gallia. She'll also make sure the other players know how threatening a mother can be, easily soaking up removal from any opponnet that finds their health pool low.

Runehorn Hellkite Whenever your running low on cards or need a protector in the air or a flier in the front lines she'll be there. She's the kind of mom that will pick you up when your feeling down even if it means sacrificing herself to do it. When her and her daughter Territorial Hellkite are in the skies together you know you're winning. And when you see her shift to your graveyard you feel secure knowing that she'll be there when you need her. Runehorn Hellkite... best mom <3

Rubblebelt Raiders She's cold and unflinching. She will kill you. You will fear her. She is the kind of threat on the board that will help you win more instead of get ahead, but she is how you'll dishout the most damage.

Voyaging Satyr She's the the partying type and tends to stay out of the brawl most of the time. That being said I don't think there's a single satyr girl Gallia couldn't get to swing ;). Along with wild growth and fertile ground Jessica (voyaging Satyr) can provide some serious ramp in an otherwise ramp light deck. With a little help from Gallia and a enchantment she can even pay for herself. She's reliable with little if any down sides and a 2/3 is actually pretty great at swinging in.

Tilonalli's Summoner The fashionista, all-night rager, creature supplying woman herself Tilonalli with her girlfriend Regnata will just end games. In the early game Tillonalli herself with a little ramp can make a turn 3 Gallia happen, but she really shines during the Mid-to-late game where along with gruul warchant or Regnata she can just eliminate players.

Renata, Called to the Hunt The embodiment of an Amazon war leader she'll help all women unleash there hidden potential. After around turn 4 or 5 1/1's tend not to cut it when swinging in with Gallia. Regnata can seriously help with that. Find her and Rhythm of the Wild in your opening hand and your game plan can pivot from fast aggro to a swarm of big creatures. She's the kind of girl you see in your hand and want to put her on the table as fast as you can.

Fauna Shaman She provides the weed and extacy.

Eternal Witness and Den Protector: The kind of sisters that would do anything for each other. They both play really well in recycling and helping to bring back old faces. There is never really a time where you wouldn't want to see these girls in your hand. There aggressive and usually bring a friend. win win

Dawnstrider She is a bit of a special case not being treated well from an early age. She has vowed not to let anyone get hurt, but she has to sacrifice cards in order to accomplish her goal. Lucky for her there is a little lizard that would love to help her out (Basking Rootwalla) in fact as long as Gallia going at it Dawn can sit back on defense and use the cards Gallia provides.

Bomat Courier It's the makeup bag. Still best girl

Stormbind The forgotten goddess herself. While ethereal in nature sometimes you don't need a hug to know this twister sister's got your back

Krosan Restorer A natural born fixer. Ready and willing to both ramp you and fix your mana base. She really enjoys problem solving and things like Burning Inquiry and Cathartic Reunion really help bring out in her.


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