Zacama, Primal Calamity Enrage EDH


Created for The Trinisphere's Rivals of Ixalan Episode.

Zacama lends itself more to a combo-centric EDH commander with cards like Cloudstone Curio and Temur Sabertooth giving you the ability to re-cast him repeatedly in a turn, untapping all your lands and possibly generating infinite mana. That being said I really just wanted an excuse to play Polyraptor, my favorite card from RIX, so I went with an Enrage-centric build. Additionally, I feel that this deck would fair strong against in my micro-meta: In a matchup against Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca and Elenda, the Dusk Rose.

This deck uses all manner of controlled damage generation effects to allow me to damage my own creatures and/or destroy smaller creatures on the other side of the field.

How It Plays

Normally, a 9-mana Zacama EDH deck will probably be ramping as quickly as possible to reach 9-mana but this build is less about Zacama, and more about Enraging dinosaurs, so we have more mid-range plays other than ramp. Because dinosaurs are somewhat cost-ineffective, we're going to need to run oppressive control cards to interact and slow down my opponents who are more than likely going to be trying to combo-off. Zacama is mainly a fall-back option and a effective mana sink.

Once we've established the synergy of Dealing damage & Enraged Creatures we can start to generate large amounts of advantage for us (Ripjaw Raptor, Polyraptor), or disadvantage for them (Silverclad Ferocidons, Spitemare). From there, we can create a boardstate that is extremely oppressive to non-interactive players, controlling most aspect of the game.

Card Selection

This deck is slightly catered towards my meta matchup - A wide Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca merfolk and a sac-centric Elenda, the Dusk Rose vampire deck. Because both decks are indicative of wide weenie type strategies, I thought incremental damaging effects would be optimal in synergizing with my deck while defeating theirs.


Cards that like to deal damage at a controlled rate

  • Pyrohemia - The real MVP of this deck. Allows for a controlled and instantaneous stream of damage.
  • Pandemonium - A riskier meta-specific choice. This global Warstorm surge promotes more interaction among my opponents, and can be mitigated by Archetype of Endurance.
  • Warstorm Surge - A classic Timmy Big-Beaters-Go-Boom spell, although this time I may be targeting my own creatures with the triggers.
  • Chandra's Ignition - Similarly, this is normally used as a board-wipe, but now has the flexibility of being used on a Forerunner of the Empire or Oracle of Mul Daya to safely trigger Enrage.
  • Chandra, Pyromaster - A passable draw-engine, this card's +1 gets a lot better due to the versatile options of removing blockers or hitting myself to enrage a creature of mine.
  • Gruul Ragebeast - Similar to Warstorm Surge, this allows my high average power/toughness to oppress my opponents. This one has the added benefit of triggering enrage immediately.
  • Endbringer - This guy is my honorary Timmy-Tim... that is, the most impactful "tap to deal 1" creature.
  • Inferno Titan - Once again, the versatility of spreading out the 3 damage allows for multiple enrage triggers or removal.


Cards that like to be dealt damage.

  • Polyraptor, the king of Enrage.
  • Silverclad Ferocidons is another great addition from RIX, these fellas can quickly devastate opponents with just a handful of triggers.
  • Ripjaw Raptor is probably the best bang-for-your-Enraged-buck, this guy is a solid four-drop.
  • Vigor was adopted as an honorary angry dino. This Avatar gives all your creatures Snapping Sailbacks' enrage ability.
  • Spitemare is smaller, cost-ineffective Enrage-adjacent creature along with Boros Reckoner. Both can create more Enrage triggers when enraged, or simply dump extra damage onto opponents' close-to-death creatures.


Cards for my specific meta. Since this deck was made for The Trinisphere's RIX Commander episode, I know I'll be going up against a sac-centric Elenda, the Dusk Rose and a wider Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca deck.

  • Hallowed Burial provides me with an option to deal with Elenda's death-centric strategy.
  • Rampaging Ferocidon prevents the creation of an obscene number of tokens and mitigate the effects of Blood Artist triggers by way of negating lifegain.
  • Sylvan Reclamation gets the greenlight to combat anthem and combo Enchantment/Artifacts in both decks.
  • AEther Flash feels like a hard lock against the smaller vampire & merfolk tribal creatures.


The Trinisphere - Kumena vs Zacama vs Elenda


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