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This deck is Pauper's version of Scapeshift. It is a gruul aggro deck that wants to win through Landfall creatures: Zektar Shrine Expedition , Plated Geopede , Valakut Predator , and Makindi Sliderunner . For maximum landfall triggers, it runs Harrow s, Terramorphic Expanse s, and Evolving Wilds s. But it's nastiest piece of tech (in my opinion) is Crop Rotation , combined with its utility lands, Sejiri Steppe , Smoldering Spires , and Teetering Peaks . At instant speed, this lets us find a way to force an attacker through, or just buff it up with two landfall triggers by finding an Expanse or a Wilds. In sideboard we have Bojuka Bog s and Mortuary Mire s, so we can use Crop Rotation to grab those too!


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