Ridiculously fast Gruul Aggro deck. Usually deal lethal damage by turn 4. This deck is mainly based off of Armed I'm going to go through a typical game and show how this works. Damage possible depending on the combination will be denoted by [x-y], where x is the minimum and y is the maximum.

Turn 1 drop one of your creatures, if it is one of the Legion Loyalists, swing[1].

Turn 2 equip Madcap Skills [4-5]or swing and pump for an additional 4Ghor-Clan Rampager[5-6] or 6(two of any of the other pumps)[7-8].

Turn 3, hopefully you have an armed, you have a creature equipped with madcap, and a pump card in hand [20]. If you didn't have a madcap and are at [5-8], this is when you pull out your armed and a pump and get to [15-20]. It usually isn't hard to kill turn 4, then.

The combos that kill turn three are as follows: 3 land, 1 one-drop creature, 1 madcap, 1 armed, and 1 pump for three damage = 7 cards; or 3 land, 1 one-drop creature of power two, 3 pumps for thee damage, 1 armed = 8 cards.



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