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Grumgully, the Generous cEDH (combo)

Commander / EDH* RG (Gruul)


Ya want some drugs? Not you, you're a human.

Grumgully infinite persist combo deck.

This is probably a bit more competitive than what most people consider 75% but a bit lower than a CEDH deck. Even with the most optimized cards for the deck I do not believe this deck could ever make it to a full CEDH tier 1-2.5 but will be able to compete with them and might pull a win from time to time. If you're in a casual group looking for a deck with Grumgully I would not recommend this build.

The primary goal of the deck is to load up the board with a sac outlet, a damage trigger, Grumgully, and a persist creature. The deck is a WIP and is still in the tuning phase. Additional utility lands and dual lands will be added accordingly.

If you know any cards that the deck might want please comment them below for consideration.


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