Selesnya ramp token deck built around the landfall mechanic, getting big creatures such as Avenger of Zendikar, Rampaging Baloths, Primeval Titan or Sun Titan into play on turn three. Using landfall triggers to generate mana and to produce tokens on mass, out powering the opponent while also stabilising my life with courser of cruphix who can also help accelerate the deck.

Using a ramping combination of Arbor Elf - Utopia Sprawl - Lotus Cobra extra mana can be produced very constantly with the Arbor Elf - Utopia Sprawl combination being particularly strong. Pair all this and the fetches with Crucible of Worlds we're looking at some great synergy, the crucible allows for repeated fetch land plays for double landfall triggers and deck filtering. While also being able to re-use land such as Ghost Quarter as an extra fetch or land destruction outlet, Mouth of Ronom for removal and Horizon Canopy for card draw. Another point to mention that if all the land gets pulled from the deck as does happen in during a longer running game the Crucible allows for continued landfall triggers despite this.

Primeval Titan with landfall is just a solid choice, getting double landfall triggers when he hits the field or attacks so this on turn three guarantees us the mana we need next turn. Sun Titan will act as a pseudo Crucible of Worlds bringing land back into play and also make up for early loses to removal with primary targets being Crucible of Worlds itself should it be abrupt decayed for example. Next we have Knight of the Reliquary, early she can provide extra landfall triggers which is excellent with the Lotus Cobra especially if you miss a land drop that turn while also being a big body mid game.

As for removal i've tried to be balanced and get as much value as possible from what i can since i have limited room for it without diluting the synergy. So we'll be working off a pair of Path to Exile preferably keeping them back until absolutely necessary. Mouth of Ronom deals four damage to a creature so very relevant in the format plus we can reuse it off the Crucible of Worlds & Sun Titan so we get value. Then with Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite in the sideboard we have a good few bases covered, beyond that we can always just swing and make them block lol.

Hope i've explained things well enough, this is a pet project of sorts, something i've been working on for months tweaking it here while trying out new cards and collecting all the pieces i need along the way. It's not cheap to put together for a deck that's not going to steam roll over a GP but that's not what it's designed for, it's a home brew that's allot of fun to play. Overall i'm really happy with it and always find my opponents enjoy the games as much as it do as it's not something you're likely to come across often if at all.


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Once the onslaught fetches become modern legal i will of course be swapping out the verdant's & misty's with Wooded Foothills & Windswept Heath given that they're far cheaper. So the deck price will drop by a couple hundred dollars to anyone interested in playing it :)

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