Hello Folks!

For the last couple of Weeks I've been thinking about a lot of Cards i wanna Play.And now i think i found a Way to put them all together in one Deck AND keep it on a Budget.

In Europe u get the Whole Deck for around 160 (shipping included @MCM) which i consider to befairly Budgetish for an EDH Deck.

The Main Idea behind this Deck is to enable other Players. Big time.

They (and ourself) can draw a ton of Cards with our Commander or other Stuff like Howling Mine, Dictate of Kruphix or Rites of Flourishing. Next Step is to give them the Mana for their Stuff with Manaflare, Overabundance, Dictate of Karametra and so on.

Put them on STEROIDS so they can destroy each other as fast and hard as possible!

In the meantime we build A MASSIVE, GIGANTIC Pillowfort to be the absolute least juicy Target on the entire Table. Our Steroids should help us a lot to be Friends with everyone... ;)

IF things go haywire however, and people dont appreciate our GENEROUS HELP, we got quite a Large amount of (recurring)Lifegain and a bunch Boardwipes to keep yourself peachy and in the game.

But there is another Part to our Steroids. Not only do we double(or triple) everyones Mana and Carddraw, we also enhance the Damage everyone receives.So our "Friends" kill each other twice as fast.. well or.. thrice as fast :)

Dictate of the Twin Gods, Furnace of Rath, Gisela Blade of Goldnight or Repercussion will make sure that they will get rid of themselves quite quickly while also enable some of your Win cons.

At some Point where our Enemys have to pay lots of mana to just being able to attack you. And at this point we collect the Taxes for our "Help".

Mana Barbs, Overabundance or Fevered Visions will very slowly writtle down ur last enemys. Or rather fast if the Damage gets Doubled a few times.. or Tripled..

At some point our last former Friends will have to pay lots of mana, and by that Life, just to be able to Attack us.All this should wither them down very quickly.

And here we are. I hope you enjoy the Deck as much as I do.I am always happy for suggestions to improve this Dirtbag-piece-of-a-Deck.


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