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Ok, so here’s the thing... I play in groups of 4 or more, mostly 6 people including me, so it’s very hard to win so I made a mill Deck with various ways of milling and a fail safe.

I feel like I have too much going on in this deck and I don’t know what to add more of, and what to remove. What I want is a 60 card deck but I don’t know what to cut for that.

I have multiple ways of milling with good strategies, but it all depends on what cards I draw first, either I’m going to Traumatize and flaying sanity a few people, roll Jace, the Mind Sculptor up, or use Grimoire of the Dead . Also I can mill a few people, make my creatures x/x of creatures in graveyard, make them unblockable, etc.

It’s a lot going on, but when I’m up against 5 people, it gets difficult to strategize, along with having high mana cost cards, I need some help lol


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