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Wheel everyone to death.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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-1 Price of Glory main
+1 Windfall main
+1 Thought Vessel main
+1 Horn of Greed main
-1 Windfall main
-1 Citadel of Pain main
+1 Emissary of Grudges main
-1 Nightscape Familiar main
+1 Expedition Map main
-1 Mystic Retrieval main
-1 Mask of Avacyn main
+1 Curator's Ward main
-1 Fevered Visions main
+1 Sower of Discord main
-1 Horn of Greed maybe
+1 Mystic Retrieval maybe
-1 Curator's Ward maybe
+1 Fevered Visions maybe
+1 Price of Progress maybe
-1 Thought Vessel maybe
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