First off let me just say that this deck is a blast to play in a multiplayer setting especially if you have some slower players in your group. By slow i mean not super aggressive, this deck forces everyone to attack and keeps it fun so people only blame you and not each other, although you can use politics to dissuade them into thinking that they are mad at whoever attacked them. I always break out this deck first because it also helps set the pace of the night, it gets everyone's blood boiling and ready to fight. This deck is designed to make sure I always have some sort of unblockable on board while also running protection for Marisi. I do not like to run unlimited combos in any of my decks, I just personally do not feel that its a fun way to win, although I do understand the need to end a game if it gets super drawn out. My favorite combo in this deck is Opalescence with Lightmine Field on the board turning it into a 4/4 creature and attaching Basilisk Collar to it making it do deathtouch damage to anything attacking, meanwhile you are goading everyone on your turn with Basilisk Collar equipped on something else and then re equipping it to Lightmine Field before your turn ends. This is such a unique way of ending a game I just love it! So for the Tech behind this deck, as you can see there are alot of shadowed creatures in here, they are to make sure you can get at least 1 damage through to activate goad. Also I have put in a bunch of token generators for your opponents this way they should always have stuff to hit each other with. All while you maintain control of the board state. The one thing that seems to trip me up with this deck is when someone plays a pillow fort style this causes goad to backfire on me. So because of this I have plenty of single target removal in to make sure you can pick and choose what is on the board to make sure everyone is swinging at each other and not you. There are many other fun ways to play with this deck, if you have any suggestions I am always open and tweaking this deck. This is the deck for you if you have a slow play group or just want to cause some chaos into your playgroup without grinding the gameplay to a halt, this deck is an accelerant and makes everything burn.


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