This is a life-drain deck that tries to do two things: 1. Simultaneously drain as many opponents as possible without targeting and 2. Use some of the weirder and more political cards available to black (like Tyrant's Choice , Plague of Vermin , Choice of Damnations , and Pain's Reward ).

I've stayed away from life gain because it draws aggro, isn't very fun unless it has synergy with life drain, and just isn't that important when facing fighty generals. I've also not included much board wipe because it has no recursion and because of your pillow fort it mostly just keeps your opponents from killing each other.

Let me know if there's any "Each opponent" cards I've missed or some more recursive methods of card draw and spot removal. I'm avoiding expensive cards for now, so that's why some staples aren't present. I know there's lots of big slow enchantments in here, but they're part of what makes the deck fun.


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