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This is my first deck, I'd been wanting to play a mono-green slime deck, so, well, I made one. Right now I know that it isn't perfect as of yet, but I think that I'm getting fairly close to how it should be, but right now I'm kind of wondering about card quantities and such. This deck relies pretty well entirely on its creatures and enchantments, but I'm uncertain if I should perhaps cut into my land supply some to make sure I have more of the cards I need, on top of that I'm also considering putting in doubling season, but I'm not sure how to make room for it at the moment, so suggestions would be appreciated.


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After further consideration and of course the suggestions offered by kamarupa, I have yet again changed the deck some more. This time its moreso just minor changes. After a little bit of testing on my part, I decided that the two lands offered up just weren't cutting it, or otherwise just didn't exactly do much for the deck that Oran-Rief, the Vastwood didn't already do. Anyway, the changes to the deck are as follows, I replaced the Alpha Authorities with Vines of the vastwood, changed the aerial predations in my sideboard into plummets, and... Well. Not really done much else.


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