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GRN Prerelease Deck - Afternoon Tournament

Limited* U/B (Dimir)


Deck constructed in Dimir using the Prerelease box I received. Deck itself went a very close 0-5 with most matches going to three games. Received the bye on the sixth round.


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70% Casual

30% Competitive

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This deck is not Limited legal.

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Illegal cards Artful Takedown , Barrier of Bones , Connive / Concoct , Dazzling Lights , Dimir Guildgate , Dimir Informant , Dimir Locket , Dimir Spybug , Discovery / Dispersal , Enhanced Surveillance , Gateway Plaza , Hired Poisoner , Mephitic Vapors , Notion Rain , Price of Fame , Selective Snare , Sinister Sabotage , Veiled Shade , Vicious Rumors , Watcher in the Mist , Whisper Agent
Cards 40
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