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Grixis Treasure/Pirate Sac

Standard Artifact Control U/B/R (Grixis)



Grixis Treasure/pirate sac deck with splash of red.


Had previous versions but finally feel like I tweaked it enough after play testing to say it's more consistent and has a clearer view of what you want to do when playing it.


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Took out 2 recover, 2 cpt lannery, 1 dire fleet horder and 1 orazca relic in favor of 1 more win con, some more control with magma spray x2 and a hostage taker. As well as adding a land and 2x travelers amulet since needed more land and mana fix where it can also help you if youre missing a certain colour(red) and not missing land drops and being a better draw late game than a land as it can sacrificed for 4 dmg, improvise and stuff with tezzeret. Still think I might run into problems later with needing more draw but we'll see and no will not be taking out golden guardian since its still a fun card. Just wanted to modify my deck to be a bit more competitive and well oiled.


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