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Grixis Return / Mill (Help Appreciated)




The idea for this came out of literally nowhere, it's mostly instants and sorceries, so Charmbreaker Devils, can just bring them back. I have 4, plus Fated Infatuation which can create more and be brought back by Charmbreaker Devils as it's an instant. And in case, the Charmbreaker Devils die, I have Unburial Rites.

Psychic Strike and Doom Blade in case the opponent gets any funny ideas.

I've always loved the Night Terrors and Telepathy combo. Maybe Grasp of Phantoms and Dream Twist for funnsies.

Curse of the Bloody Tome + Phenax, God of Deception + Consuming Aberration equals death to you.

Realmwright to decrease the chance of getting mana-screwed for one of the three colors.

Might put in Dark Ritual and High Tide to help with mana.

I found through playtesting this deck a couple times that my hand gets really big, so I'm considering running Spellbook and Sturmgeist

Maybe Djinn Illuminatus as it helps with instants and sorceries.


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