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Grixis Reanimator

So this is a tweak of my old deck, which I took to 28th place in GP Melbourne 2016 (Eldrazi Winter).Since that time, the format has stabilized from super-aggro, to a variety of everything. Some new cards allowing self-discard have been released, some cards allowing digging (and ramp), and I thought to re-build and change the list.

For those who don't know what this deck does, I'll explain!The main synergy is in self-discard, discarding either Griselbrand or Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to the graveyard, then reanimating them via Goyro's Vengeance to beat in for a chunk.

If you hit them with G-daddy, then you get an effective free draw of 7 cards, very likely enabling you to do so again. If you hit them with Emmy, then they've probably lost by now. Saccing 6 permanents on turn 3 or 4 is very likely their entire board, and they've taken 15 in the air. Enabling you to leisurely take control and get out another reanimation, Bolt, Brutality, Manland or Tasigur to finish them off.

Some fun interactions!

Casting Vengeance in their end step, allows your reanimation target to only be sacrificed at the end of your end step. Giving you mana for more shenanigans, and a big beater.

Reanimating Jace, Vryn's prodigy, using his ability and flipping him. Allowing you to keep the Planeswalker due to the exile & return!

You can see the old list here: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/384684

The changes made this a little slower, but allow for a more viable early game against super aggressive decks.



Ill go over the changes here.


I've taken out 1 Jace, adding in some Azcanta with the room, making it now a 3/3 split. They're not good in duplicates due to the legendary rule, but I want at least one, hence the 3/3.

Sadly, I've taken out 2 Emrakul (she's my favourite) due to the lower amount of breach, which was the main enabler. I might go back to the 4-of, depending on how it plays out after many more games.

The spirit guides are gone, replaced by azcanta for the breach ramp. They enabled super agressive starts, but I've switched gears to a slightly slower build, focusing on a more stable early game with the reanimation as the win cons on turn 3+

The thoughtseizes have been swapped with collective brutality, as I feel they fit more in this deck.

I've lowered the amount of Izzit charm, to make room for push, and because of adding more discard in other cards.

The breach was lowered as a test, I might go back to 4-of.


The only ones not mentioned are Tasigur and Lili. Lili is a great card. I don't need to explain that.Tasigur takes advantage of the discarding bad cards, and also enables a later-game win con (after a reanimation).

I've not worked on a sideboard properly yet!

I'm gladly taking suggestions/thoughts/criticisms!


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