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This deck is a Pirate aggro deck with some combat tricks, and a ton of little combo tricks that seeks to reduce opponent board presence so that we can power our way through to victory.

It runs 21 creatures, which while attacking with a Dire Fleet Neckbreaker can swing for lethal.

This deck runs few actual kill-spells, with only 4 copies of Magma Spray and 3 copies of Abrade, but it also runs lots of little kill-spell combos. Warkite Marauder makes the above spells take care of anything, including indestructible creatures. A noteworthy comment is that Magma Spray can then exile target creature, dealing with any graveyard shenanigans, including he who must not be named. A neat little counter to that $30 offensive piece of card we all hate.

Another combo plays off of Rigging Runner, as playing a Dire Fleet Poisoner on him makes the feared first strike/death touch combo, which kills things without trading.

The Dire Fleet Poisoner can trade with most things herself as well.

We do have 2 copies of the budget friendly exile card, Hour of Glory, which plays through indestructible, and again, counters he who must not be named.

We have a few copies of Forerunner of the Coalition which can find what we need, along with dealing some non-combat damage, and alongside that we have 1 copy of Protean Raider to find if we need to copy something scary...or he who must not be named...GEE YOU CAN REALLY TELL I DONT LIKE THAT CARD LOL

For defense we have 3 copies of Siren Stormtamer, 3 copies of Admiral's Order, and 4 copies of Siren's Ruse, which triples as defense, some epic interaction with another power-house, Hostage Taker, and some card draw. Finally we have 2 copies of Chart a Course to finish the card draw aspect.

Notes about the land-base:

We are only running 21 lands in this deck, as we have 26 cards at 2 manna and below, with our most expensive card at 4 CMC. We are also running no spells that require double of a single color, though we do run a few duel color cards. Our land-base is designed to get us all 3 colors asap, so once we hit 4 lands we should be able to play everything we have. The low count of lands does risk us missing a land drop, but being completely manna-fixed and able to play all your cards even on turn 5 isn't bad.

We have 2 copies of Unclaimed Territory, with which we will want to pick dinos as our creature type just to be cheeky...just kidding...

We also have 2 copies of Field of Ruin which can help us manna-fix if we really must, but its main purpose is to counter the powerful RIX flip-lands.


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