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Grixis Midrange Discard [M20]

Standard* UBR (Grixis)



This deck is all about keeping your opponents hand small while destroying everything they play and maximizing on them discarding. Stuff like The Haunt of Hightower , Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  , and Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God will hopefully just win you the game. This deck is still far from being optimize and any suggestions will be helpful. I'm really worried about being a Midrange with control and aggro being so strong right now. Aggro decks might just kill me before I can really get going, while control decks might just save counters for all my bombs. I got Ritual of Soot and Cry of the Carnarium to counter wide aggressive strategies and Negate and Tale's End for control but I don't know if that will be enough. Those plus the discard I'm running like Thought Erasure might be enough to disrupt my opponents enough to get my bombs out.


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