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Grixis Flashback Control (best deck AER Standard?)

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Alright folks, I'm at it again. After playtesting a BUNCH of decks (RB Artifacts, GW Tokens, UW Panharmonicon, GB Delirium, Temur Marvel, RG Energy, and Monogreen midrange) I have decided that this brew is by far the most versatile and has a VERY high win percentage rate. The manabase is surprisingly accurate and I RARELY run into mana issues.

CURRENT MATCH STANDINGS: (I'm not going to update this after 02-03-2017 FNM)

8-3 vs Jeskai combo/control

4-0 vs Izzet control

2-0 vs Esper aggro

11-3 vs Golgari counters/aggro

3-0 vs Monoblue mechanized production/blues clues

4-0 vs Artifact aggro

1-0 vs Simic eldrazi midrange

9-1 vs Selesnya tokens

5-2 vs Orzhov control

1-0 vs Temur emerge

2-1 vs Temur marvel

I also have a favorable match rating against a bunch of homebrew decks.

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Spot Removal (9 cards) Show

1x Essence Extraction: Incremental lifegain for the win. Can be flashed back from either enabler.

2x Fatal Push: Such an amazing removal spell for . Gets even better with an Evolving Wilds.

3x Harnessed Lightning: Burn a thing with all the energy we've gotten from itself, ather hub, and Glimmer of Genius!

1x Unlicensed Disintegration: Kill something, and maybe get value off Torrential Gearhulk.

2x Grasp of Darkness: Arguably one of the best removal spells in the standard format... kills just about anything but a gearhulk.

Flashback Effects (8 cards) Show

4x Torrential Gearhulk: When you're the friend in need, call on this friend indeed.

4x Goblin Dark-Dwellers: A 4/4 menace for isn't bad, but add on the ability to flashback almost anything else in the deck and you're talking about wielding some serious power.

Board-wide Interaction (2 cards) Show

2x Radiant Flames : Easy 3cmc soft boardwipe. Can also use post-combat for the extra kill.

Card Advantage (7 cards) Show

4x Anticipate: Fixing draws at a rate of 3 deep.

3x Glimmer of Genius: One of the best flashback targets for Torrential Gearhulk.

Hand Removal (2 cards) Show

2x Transgress the Mind : Great against walkers, marvel, other big things... oh... and their counterspells.

Countermagic (7 cards) Show

1x Negate: A great 1-of, counters what you need it to for only 2 mana.

1x Unsubstantiate: I can get rid of the scary thing that's already out or the scary thing that is trying to get there

2x Void Shatter: Counter the scary thing for good.... tonight it's sleepin' with the fishies.

2x Disallow: Counter ANY of the things, including Ulamog triggers!

1x Spell Shrivel : A counterspell that really only gets worse as the game gets longer, but is still of great use early on with its easy-to-cast cost.


Sideboard Tech (15 cards) Show

2x Dispel: Guarantee yourself to always win the counter war.

1x Flaying Tendrils: Exile the weenies and bears, and any tokens.

3x Ceremonious Rejection: No more eldrazi, marvel, or artifacts in general... so basically half of standard.

2x To the Slaughter: Get rid of that lonely walker.

1x Transgress the Mind : One more for the control mirrors and against some midrange decks.

1x Sphinx of the Final Word : The finisher in a control mirror.

1x Radiant Flames : More love for the aggro decks <3

2x Succumb to Temptation : Bring in against control.

2x Release the Gremlins: Great artifact removal, and you also get dudes! Bring in against Mechanized Production decks for sure.

1x Ruinous Path : Bring in against that lonely walker deck.


Updates Add

Alright I've made a couple changes to the deck after playtesting and getting 2nd at 02/03/17 FNM.


Round 1: (1-1-1) vs monoblue mill/control. Went to time in game 3 with the win on board for my next turn (frustrating!)

Round 2: (2-0) vs Golgari aggro. I got game one with judicious use of removal, so I boarded in more and BOOM got the second win.

Round 3: (2-0) vs Selesnya tokens. All I have to say is.....#REKT

Round 4: (2-0) vs Bant midrange. Game one I drew all the right cards, thanks to my draw spells. Game two I drew all the right cards, thanks to my draw spells.

Top 8: (2-0) vs Orzhov control. Game one I countered everything, game two I got super value out of 3(2 cast, +1 flashback) To the Slaughter with delirium triggers.

Top 4: (2-0) Grixis control (a different list than mine). Game one I managed to exile all 4 of his Torrential Gearhulk, kill all 4 Wandering Fumarole, and his one-of Noxious Gearhulk, and just let him draw himself out. Game two he missed a land drop on turn 4 and I ended up winning the counter war and Transgress the Mind 3 times to clear his hand.

Top 2: (0-2) vs Golgari aggro/delirium variant. Game 1 I took a 4 land hand and proceeded to draw only land, even with my draw spells, until he killed me. Game two I had to mul to 5 with a 2 land hand while he stuck a Mindwrack Demon... I got stuck on 2 land so game over.



-2 Yahenni's Expertise. This card was a thorn in my side every time I drew it.

-1 Fatal Push: This card is great at the beginning of the game, and that's about it.

-1 Evolving Wilds: I needed one more Wandering Fumarole.

+1 Wandering Fumarole. I needed one more to guarantee kills.

+1 Unlicensed Disintegration: I'll try this out in here... I'm not committed.

+1 Unsubstantiate: This would have been very useful quite often.

+1 Essence Extraction: The incremental lifegain could prove to be important, especially since I can flash it back with both my enablers.

Sideboard:-1 Flaying Tendrils: It just wasn't relevant to my meta enough to warrant 2.

-1 Ceremonious Rejection: I thought I'd see more of this being necessary.

-1 Release the Gremlins: Not as relevant as I'd hoped.

+1 Ruinous Path: I could have used another of these against some planeswalkers

+2 Dispel: for the counterwars


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