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Grixis Control, Hour of Bolas

Standard* Control U/B/R (Grixis)



Hour of devastation Grixis control. I have taken deep notes and forced myself to jusify each card's slot in the deck by writing a few sentences proving why the card should make the cut down in a notebook I have solely for deck brewing after reading both of Chapin's books, this seems like the most optimal build. Primer to hopefully come. I've been tuning and running a grixis control build in standard to above average results (2-1/3-1 average) since Amonkhet's release so any grixis control strategies feel free to ask.


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So this is the exact list I played at the GP. I went into this wanting to beat mono-red and though I only played it once, I did in fact beat it.

Wins: Jeskai midrange, Mardu, BW Zombies, Ramanup Red

Losses: GB Delirium, Temur Emerge, Mono-B Zombies, Mono B zombies, BW Sunmare.

The zombies match ups I saw 0 sweepers unfortunately, The Temur match up was very grindy, I outlasted ulamog til i got rid of it but the same worldbreaker was cast 4 times limiting my mana, The GB match up hurt because in testing it's 70-30 in my favor before the changes to beat red. Without removal for gearhulks and trackers once they get too big it hurt main deck. Sunmare was a very winnable match up but a misplay on my part cost me the match. I played turn 3 tap land with an untapped land in hand setting up for turn 4 chandra even though I had a supreme will in hand. He gideons that turn and it carried him to victory so thats really the only match up I can't say went poorly due to variance since it was that misplay.


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