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Grix and Stones, Draw Cards and Break Bones

Commander / EDH* Combo Control Forcefeed U/B/R (Grixis)



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Twas a night for the Grixis when soon did they find

A new player joined their little hive mind

His deck featured not big creatures with claws

But rather his deck weaponized card draws

Nicol Bolas looked down with a curious grin

He thought to himself "Could this deck really win?"

He showed them his power and they were astonished

They asked with wide faces "How is this acccomplished?"

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The match always starts with the setup for late game

With artifacts and creatures, no card is the same

Mana ramping is done with trinkets galore

These are all things you can get at the store

Chromatic Lantern and Horn of Greed

For when mana and cards are what you need

Baleful Strix will help you out surely

When you want some defense and an extra draw early

With the Wheel of Fortune and the Magus to spin it

Mayhaps you will draw cards that you need to win it

Nin, the Pain Artist with the shock that she brings

Will draw extra cards, so make sure it stings

Nekusar, The Lich King, our commander tonight

Has come from his tomb, and is ready to fight

Whenever a library gets a bit smaller

Nekusar lets out the mightiest holler

The scream carries out from his ghostly dead breath

Bringing foes closer to the brink of death

With setup complete and the future looks tragic

It's time to finish this with some Grixis magic

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The late game is here and there's not much to say

I've run out of rhymes to my own dismay

It's hard to write poems and really explain

How the deck works, it's kind of a pain

The Dictate of Kruphix is here to help all

But with this commander it makes your foes bawl

With pain comes more cards, but I really must say

The Price of Knowledge is a steep one to pay

Jin Gitaxias makes his appearance

When foes' hands are gone, you will have full clearance

You may clear the board with a Blasphemous Act

Or rack up the pain with a Damnable Pact

Just keep up the damage, and surely you'll win this

Thus is the power of the house known as Grixis

Wow okay, that felt like the holiday special from Danny Phantom. Man I loved that show. Hopefully you guys followed any of that poetry gibberish and enjoy the deck as much as I do. This is my first three color deck so I wanted to give it a little special treatment.

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Updates Add

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I touched up on Grix and Stones here. This is one of the decks I built for real and I played it just last night. The thing I learned......


The biggest problem I encountered, was that there was little to no removal, which I completely underestimated the importance of. Now because the deck contains a butt load of wheel spells, I decided removal could be in the form of Return-to-your-hand effects. I Cyclonic Rift your board, and then immediately Wheel of Fortune. Even if the target is indestructible, this won't protect it from being discarded.

The card that gave me the most trouble ironically, is one I decided to add to the deck as bounce removal: Galecaster Colossus. Along side it, we have Tidespout Tyrant, Cyclonic Rift, Evacuation.

To help with the growing number of instants and sorceries I have included Arcane Melee and card;Goblin Electromancer to help out with casting more. Kess, dissident mage joins the fray as well as a way of casting wheel spells that get wheeled or discarded somehow.

We'll see how this new update does in the long run. I'm always open to feedback :)

Thanks Everyone


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