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Grishoal™ Brand Health Care

Modern BRG (Jund) Combo Reanimator Theme/Gimmick


Here at Grishoal, we're here to help.

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Our Doctors here at Grishoal provide what we like to call the "Grishoal Brand" in excellence, regarding health care. We specialize in the Life Gain Department, ensuring your plans don't come to an abrupt end. enter image description here

We excel at providing expert level customer care. When we control the scene, we waste no time in our guaranteed service promising results in Two Turns, or more, or less!

In the end, we just want to make our clients as happy as can be.

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Grishoalbrand is a popular combo deck archetype, utilizing the special intricacies in Kamigawa's splice mechanic, and to ultimate reanimate mastadonic creatures, several turns before they ought to be out in play.

The central line of play is to cheat Griselbrand in play through Goryo's Vengeance or Through the Breach, chain Nourishing Shoal but exiling Worldspine Wurm to gain 11 life so that you can continue to draw your deck, cheat a Borborygmos Enraged into play and burn your opponent by discarding the lands you've drawn.

The deck can be so fast that you can feasibly win on Turn 2 (Turn 1, Faithless Looting pitching Griselbrand, Turn 2, Goryo's Vengeance).

Because it is a combo deck, we're going to try and dig as deep as we can, using cards like:

I've been a fan of Tormenting Voice over Cathartic Reunion, as the commitment to discard 2 can be burdensome in some cases.

Our Cheating spells can be manipulated even further with Kamigawa's Splice Onto Arcane mechanic. Splicing happens when you cast an Arcane spell, revealing another Arcane spell from your hand which allows you to add its effect to the original spell by paying the Arcane cost. This allows you to keep those spells in hand and still grants you their ability. You can Splice Through the Breach onto Nourishing Shoal on your opponent's end step and try and bait out a counter spell, for example.


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