A combo/value deck that looks to cheat out high-mana creatures with impactful ETBs. No creatures in the deck have a power of more than 3, making it easy for Grenzo to reliably pull them. Noncreature artifacts are limited only to the ones that best enable abuse of Grenzo's ability or protect him in order to prevent dead flips. Inspired by snowfox54119's primer.


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Out: Rakdos Guildgate Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin Goblin Cratermaker

In: Bloodfell Caves Sol Ring Solemn Simulacrum

Swapped in a slightly better tapland, sol ring for fast mana if drawn or recurred, and solemn because it's an artifact for kuldotha, a creature we can flip, and abusing it to get all (or just most) of our lands onto the field is craaaazy. Cut krenko because while absurd numbers of goblins are great for saccing, he's just not good when anyone has defending creatures and the deck isn't built to support him. Goblin cratermaker is nice artifact and eldrazi hate, but in my meta there's not too much abuse of either.

I'm yet to win with Lightning Crafter and it feels like it doesn't have much utility outside of going infinite so it might be cut. Once I get my hands on a Dockside Extortionist he's going in immediately and I'll take out Millikin. Considering adding Goblin Engineer and Sling-Gang Lieutenant as well.


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