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Grismold likes token friends and wants everyone to have them but he just can't seem to stop killing them for his own benefit. I'm pretty sure he's a psychopath.

Anti-token token deck. Tried to be semi-budget with choices. Should probably remove some ramp for draw or Grismold protection but he has a high chance of being removed so casting him multiple times is highly likely.

Performs MUCH better in 4 player rather than 1v1.


Updates Add

Syr Konrad, the Grim -> Ram Through, Ram Through allows for Grismold to take out two players in one turn (one from Ram Through trample, one from commander damage through attacking). At it's worst it's instant speed removal, at best it's player removal

Rampage of the Clans -> Awaken the Erstwhile, doesn't lol the protection artifacts/auras while usually dumping 10+ zombies on the board

Fellwar Stone -> Nature's Lore, either gets Overgrown Tomb for color fixing or just another forest

Inner Demon -> Gaze of Granite, trade out a flying aura for a guaranteed way to kill all tokens, plus can easily deal with 1-2 CMC permenants if needed.l

Sangromancer -> Species Specialist, draw > lifegain. With one of the repeatable ways to kill tokens, this is a draw 4 per turn when "plants" is named

Sword of Vengeance -> Void Beckoner, instant speed deathtouch to go deal surprise lethal when opponents invariably multiblock to prevent commander damage is beautiful.

Pir, Imaginative Rascal -> Suffocating Fumes, bring cost of deck down, killing tokens is the goal, and it cycles when there's already a repeatable effect available

Fungal Sprouting -> Mirror Shield, Fungal is basically a way to double Grismold's P/T, but adding another way to protect him (especially against deathtouchers) is more useful most of the time


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