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So I started playing Magic about two weeks ago when New Phyrexia came out. This deck is basically a Golem deck with a few other token things and a little splash of metalcraft. *Please note that I want to keep this standard. Also, I'm avoiding buying anything prior to the Mirrodin block, so please try to keep this in mind when making card suggestions.



cloudedjourney says... #1

Pretty cool man, my suggestion would be that you streamline it a little bit. What i mean is try to cut out a bit of the variety and get some playsets going (4x one card).

You want to pick a basic strategy for the deck and take out anything that doesn't fit with that strategy.

For example if you want the deck to be a golem deck, you gotta put way more golems in and take out some of the fluff. Maybe try Rusted Relic if you are going to have a lot of artifacts. If that is the case i would have 4x Dispatch as well.The Precursor Golem hurts you, because if any golem you control gets targeted they all get nailed.

It's a good start though man, just trim away some of the fat! good luck.

May 31, 2011 7:02 p.m.

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