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Mana Ramp to Annihilators and other fatties. Extra hilarity if you ever get a Genesis Wave to go off. It's not very well rounded, but it's quite a good time!



slyfoxx06 says... #1

i think the best way to round off this deck would be with three cards. you don't have to run them all, but they should do what you want to round the deck out.

Yavimaya Elder -this guy gets you two lands to hand AND can draw you a card, all for 3 mana. added bonus, fit's the elf subtheme.

Citanul Woodreaders - while not an elf, this guy can draw you two cards, but it's drawback is you'd rather drop a titan for 6. but it might be easier to get than Yavimaya Elder

Harmonize = this can easily fill in the gap between your starting hand and titans, or titans and eldrazi.

hope this helps to get the most ramp out of your deck!

December 8, 2011 2:52 a.m.

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