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Hey everyone! So I've only been playing for roughly 3 months now and this is my "go to" deck when playing 1v1/2v2 with my friends. Pretty much the low mana drop death touches deter my opponents from attacking while my hydras grow more powerful! Please if you have any advice let me know. I know I run a bit more over 60 in my deck but it's really hard for me to pick and choose what to use. Everything plays pretty well together for the most part in my head at least.

I play against about 10 other people (most of which are also new to MTG) and typically win around 70% of games. Probably because most of us are new though. Playing against some of the seasoned guys that have been playing for several years tend to beat me up. I'm deployed now and we found a bunch of people who are giving it a try so it's a lot of fun.

Everything that's on the "maybeboard" has been ordered and will be here in a couple weeks. I honestly don't know what to take out or put in or maybe just make an entire other deck. The mistcutter hydras were bought specifically for my one friend who runs a black/blue deck with a blue enchantment that turns a creature into a 1/1 frog with no abilities. I figured the bioshift would be a good play too since when my creature (more than likely a hydra) retains it's +1/+1 counters.

EDIT: So this is the updated deck now. I cut all the deathtouch/prevent combat damage cards out along with a few more. Trimmed it down to a 63 card deck. Took advice from some people which I greatly appreciate. Lightning Greaves, birds of paradise, and Kalonia Hydras will be here soon so I can even make my deck more consistent. As of right now I don't lose very often. Typically my weakness is flying but by the time they keep pecking away at me with flying stuff, I can ramp my hydras up so fast and just hit direct damamge with Essence Harvest. I will update it again as I add cards! Shout out to Firebones675, PootyHutchins, Catalog9000, GreenisGod, TitanWalls, Stephencliffe, and Cicjose for all the recommendations. As it is now, I'm swinging hard as hell at people or sometimes not even swinging. Bioshift + corpsejack menance + Essence Harvest has been winning multiple games with me. We play a lot of 2v2 as well and I always end up bringing the big guns :). I'm finally happy with how my deck is coming together.

Thanks for checking it out!


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