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Green-White Enchantress by MTG.one

Modern Enchantment GW (Selesnya)


This is a Modern Green-White Enchantress list which was featured in an article written by Riley Knight at MTG.one:


You can read about the deck more in-depth there if you'd like, but here are Riley quick tricks and tips for this deck:

After putting in the hours with this deck, there are a few little things Ive noticed about the way some games play out. Heres a quick summary of things to keep in mind while playing.

  • The late game of this deck is almost unbeatable once set up. When you have the full lock established double Greater Auramancy, Leyline of Sanctity, and a juiced-up Sphere of Safety most decks are stone-cold dead and just have to wait for you to dump the full hundo into your Helix Pinnacle.
  • Once youve got to five or six mana, its generally not worth playing more Utopia Sprawls sandbag them until you can draw a card with them from Eidolon. Arbor Elf incentivises you to put them all on the same land, while opposing Ghost Quarters do the exact opposite. Decide accordingly!
  • My general priority list for Idyllic Tutor targets, assuming theres nothing pressing I need to deal with, is Eidolon Auramancy Leyline Auramancy. Having at least one Ghostly Prison out, however, is crucial against most decks.
  • Eidolon of Blossoms is not a may ability. When you have three or four out, be mindful of cards in your library, where your Bow of Nylea is, and what youre doing with it. Remember you can recur the Bow with Starfield of Nyx, and vice-versa.
  • Under an active Starfield of Nyx, Courser attacks for three, and Eidolon for four. Be very cautious before turning all your Ghostly Prisons and the like in creatures if you let your opponent slay your lock pieces with creature removal, youre going to have a bad time!
  • This deck absolutely eats it to a few cards, most of which see much play at the moment, luckily. Nahiri, the Harbinger and Fracturing Gust arent worth trying to beat, while Liliana of the Veil makes me leave in my Leylines.
  • Additionally, a more recent deck that can beat any number of Ghostly Prisons is the Counters Company deck, once they hit infinite mana. As you dont have the same inevitability as usual, prioritise getting Solemnity out to disrupt their combo (and then Unlife so you cant lose).
  • One of the very best things about this list is that with zero instants, it is one of the most F6-friendly decks youll ever play. Windmill slam those cards, clobber that F6 button, and sit back and enjoy watching your opponent try to declare illegal attacks.


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