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Green Grifters

Pauper Aggro


Strategy is to move counters from small creatures onto cool creatures with trample or unblockable. It's an aggressive stompy approach that uses counters instead of, or in addition to, pump spells. Advantage is that you can keep moving the counters to your best creature, with the possibility of using Bioshift to move counters off a creature that is about to be destroyed. Bioshift works well with Setessan Oathsworn as it gives the +2 buff in addition to the counters you are moving. Get a counter onto Oathsworn ASAP and then cast Mutant's Prey to punch out your opponent's fatty (extra counters will resolve before the spell does).

Play Beaqueathal on your own creatures with graft or your blockers (tokens, beetles) to get more cards.

A great start to the game would be:

T1: Land, Simic Initiate

T2: Land, Pit-Skulk or Ledgewalker. Don't sac the Initiate yet. Play Bequeathal on the Initiate if you can.

T3: Play a third creature and sac the Initiate or buff a creature with a counter from a Beetle.

T4: Play Oathsworn here, but expect it to die unless you have protection (Vines).

T5: Buff Oathsworn with Vines, Rancor or Bioshift and swing for the kill.

Sideboard plan:

Affinity: +2 Blessing, +2 Gleeful Sabotage, +1 Wickerbough Elder, +3 Young Wolf, -2 Initiate, -2 Bond Beetle, -1 Bioshift, -2 Aquastrand Spider, -1 Oathsworn

Angler Delver: +2 Relic of Progenitus, -1 Bioshift, -1 Lifestaff, (+4 Young Wolf only if you see tons of removal)

Azorius Kitty: +1 Wickerbough Elder, -1 Lifestaff

Azorius Control: +1 Wickerbough Elder, -1 Lifestaff (-2 Mutant's Prey if few critters)

BorosKitty: +1 Wickerbough Elder, +1 Ledgewalker, -1 Lifestaff, -1 Bioshift

Burn: +2 Blessing, +1 Ledgewalker, +2 Gnaw to the Bone, -2 Oathsworn, -1 Rancor, -2 Mutant's Prey

Delver: +1 Ledgewalker, +1 Aerial Volley, -1 Bioshift, -1 Lifestaff

DelverFiend: +2 Blessing, +4 Young Wolf, -2 Initiate, -2 Bond Beetle, -1 Bioshift, -1 Spider

Dimir Mill or Teachings: (see Mill deck or Teachings below).

Elves: no change

Goblins: +4 Young Wolf, -2 Spider, -2 Initiate

Hexproof: -2 Mutant's Prey, -1 Bioshift, -2 Set Oathsworn, +2 Apostle's Blessing, +2 Gleeful Sabotage, +1 Wickerbough

Illusory Tricks: no change? not sure here

Infect: +2 Apostle's Blessing, -1 Lifestaff, -1 Bioshift

Izzet Control: +1 Ledgewalker, +1 Blessing, hmm not sure here probably -2 Spider?

MBC: +2 Apostle's Blessing, +1 Ledgewalker, +4 Young Wolf, -1 Bioshift, -2 Bond Beetle, -1 Rancor, -2 Spider, -1 Oathsworn

Mill deck (Jaces Erasure): +2 Relic, +2 Gleeful Sabotage, +1 Wickerbough Elder, -1 Mutant's Prey, -1 Bioshift, -1 Lifestaff (play with extra cards)

MUC/Faeries: +1 Aerial Volley, +1 Gnaw to the Bone, -1 Initiate, -1 Hunger

Rakdos Aggro/Removal: +1 Ledgewalker, +4 Young Wolf, -2 Spider, -1 Initiate, -1 Beetle, -1 Companion

Stompy: +4 Young Wolf, -2 Spider, -1 Initiate, -1 Beetle

Teachings: +4 Young Wolf, +2 Gnaw to the Bone, -1 Bioshift, -1 Lifestaff, -2 Mutant's Prey, -1 Rancor, -1 Hunger

Tortured Existence: +1 Gleeful Sabotage, +1 Wickerbough Elder, +2 Relic of Progenitus, -2 Mutant's Prey, -1 Bioshift, -1 Rancor

Tron: +2 Young wolf, -2 Initiate

White Weenie (with Squawks): +1 Aerial Volley, -1 Bioshift

White Weenie (no Squawks): +1 Ledgewalker, +2 Young Wolf, -1 Spider, -2 Initiate


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