My completed and battle tested Azusa deck! This is my favorite of my competitive decks. Wincons without infinite combos.

This is pure green stompy and extremely aggro. The typical wincons are Tooth and Nail or Genesis Wave using Siege Behemoth or Bellowing Tanglewurm to make everything unblockable allowing me to often execute multiple players in a single turn. Ultimate Nissa is also generally a wincon. I've tried various creature sets and while I know a lot of people would run landfall builds with Azusa I just found it wasn't needed at all. Rather than wait to drop a bunch of lands until the landfall creatures are on the board I prefer to drop everything landwise then cast a large number of huge creatures. This has been my most proven strategy. The problems for this deck are still creatures with flying and removing other creatures. I'm constantly toying with various ways to do that. Stuff like Stormtide Leviathan is very problematic but a simply large board of tokens and the like is generally not an issue.

I like Azusa because (for some reason) people tend to ignore me while I just go insane dropping lands. I was running Eldrazi but as soon as people saw a Conduit of Ruin or Eye of Ugin I was marked for death.

All non-Eldrazi suggestions are welcome! I'd like to acknowledge Sergal for a lot of solid advice on this deck and the encylopedia in his head for finding some really cool creatures to run.


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After some discussion with friends I decided I wanted to give Life from the Loam a go in this deck and so while I was adding that I altered the land base and upgraded some cards such as Caged Sun->Extraplanar Lens. The next step is going to be making updates with relevant Aether Revolt Cards but I'll save that for a later date.

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