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If you’re looking for a zedruu deck that's as weird and wonky as the her then here it is. This deck revolves around countering triggered enter the battlefield effects to play out ridiculous stuff like Sky Swallower without any bad side. For some reason people don't like it when you do stuff like this and try to kill whatever it is preventing ETB effects( Torpor Orb ) which is where the cards like Fool's Demise come into play. You simply just give someone control of the enchantment and if your creature dies it comes into play under their control with the bad effect that doesn't get countered anymore (ie. Sky Swallower , Leveler , Worldgorger Dragon ...)

It's also based on my bigger pentacolor deck which is a blast but 5 colors makes the deck challenging to pull off. Here's the link if your curious Why was this card bad again?

Funny schemes

Hushwing Gryff on the field to cast Sky Swallower , block letting the gryff die, Fractured Identity on the Sky Swallower . Leveler , Worldgorger Dragon , or Eater of Days works too

Putting Sky Swallower . Leveler , Worldgorger Dragon , Desolation Giant , Boldwyr Heavyweights , or Eater of Days under the Summoner's Egg and giving that. Then blow it up with a Despotic Scepter , Abrade , Wear / Tear ...

Dust Elemental with Followed Footsteps attached, then give the footsteps to someone to else to make them pick three creatures to put back in their hand every turn

Enchanting the Wormfang Manta with Mirror Mockery while you still have an ETB inhibitor, then swing in at an opponent without flying to win while you take extra turns until they're gone


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