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Great Bad Choices with Tetsuko Umezawa

Commander / EDH Aggro Budget Casual Mono-Blue Weenie


In essence, the deck is an aggressive Weenie deck that's designed to go wide and then abuse Tetsuko's ability to ensure that damage always gets through. Most of the creatures are therefore looters or have other "deals combat damage" abilities in order to generate the most value off of them, since one damage is rarely enough to close out games. The idea is to go as wide as possible with your smaller creatures while shutting down your opponents by using cards such as Meekstone , Propaganda , Dissipation Field , and Hands of Binding (which you can use repeatedly providing you cipher it on to one of your numerous unblockable creatures).

This is more of a tempo deck then a control deck, so we're using cards such as Arm with AEther , Cephalid Constable , and Mistblade Shinobi to disrupt our opponent rather than countering their spells. Note that Cephalid Constable can bounce any permanent, so it can be used to bounce lands if you want to starve your opponents of mana. The same is true with Hidden Strings , which can serve as a great way to give your creatures pseudo-vigilance but is also an important ramp card that can untap your lands when you need it to.

Other cards such as Bident of Thassa and Deepfathom Skulker allow you to generate massive amounts of value off of all of your unblockable creatures, while cards like Thassa, God of the Sea ensure that all of your threats can become unblockable if necessary.

Finally, there are two potential win-cons in the deck. I've found the most successful is going wide and then using Throne of the God-Pharaoh to drain all of your opponents, as it can regularly hit everyone for 5 damage or more. It is also the only real reach that the deck has against multiple opponents. The other route is to fill your hand with cards, find a way to make sure you have no maximum hand size, and then use a creature like Soramaro, First to Dream to simply dome each opponent one-by-one.

If you get lucky and the creature you cipher it on to manages to stay alive, you can also use Stolen Identity to steal all of your opponents' good stuff and use it against them. Note that Stolen Identity also targets artifacts and never underestimate the power of having one or two Sol Ring s on board, particularly since this deck lacks ramp. It can also be used to make a copy of Swiftfoot Boots , which will be invaluable in protecting the creature you've ciphered Stolen Identity on to.


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