Welcome to Mono Black Creature-Control with Toshiro Umezawa at the Helm. This is an actual project of mine and I'll be writing the primer for it as I get to it. I wanted the deck to be able to survive at a somewhat competitive scene.


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Long Time Coming, finally got around to making some additions.


- Temple of the False God

- Carnival of Souls

- Rune-Scarred Demon

- Wayfarer's Bauble

- Beacon of Unrest

- Reassembling Skeleton

- Sidisi, Undead Vizier

- Victimize


+ Mox Diamond

+ Ancient Tomb

+ Dance of the Dead

+ Dark Deal

+ Liliana's Triumph

+ Dismember

+ Force of Despair

+ Vilis, Broker of Blood

The banning of Paradox Engine really hit home as it was a perfect way to allow us to chain kill most of the entire board if we needed to. I'm looking for more options to make the deck more effective and have most towards Vilis. Vilis will hopefully be able to block just about anything our opponents throw at us while still generating value and his own version of removal. At this point, drawing cards is almost more important that tutors. Also, we play so few creatures except for when winning the game that Victimize actually got hard to play around



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