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Based this deck around cards like Boneyard Wurm, And Splinterfright. This is my main deck that I use at FNM. Any suggestions/comments would be realy appreciated.

Jarad, Splinterfright and Boneyard worms are The main focus of this deck, getting any of them on e field, and then using mulch, and Grisly Salvage to get the majority of the creatures into your graveyard. Then gnaw to the bone, Thragtusk and Deathrite shaman to regain lost health, or deal the extra bits of damage to your opponent.

Even if all your boneyard wurms, or splinterfrights get mulch'd, combine scavenge abilities with one or two corpsejacks for increased creature damage.

Any suggesttions on what cards should be replaced, or removed/side boarded altogether would be gat help.


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Removed the slitherheads and the fur deathrite shamans in exchange for arbor elves. Added two rancors, removed the fog, naturalize, added two murder, as well as removed more cards.


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