Who doesn't like beating people to death with their own dead creatures? Tariel is a slow, seemingly unthreatening commander who doesn't draw much attention. However, late-game, she provides you with nothing but value due to her graveyard-based shenanigans.

The goal of the deck is to be as non-threatening/unappetizing of a target as possible early game, then control the board mid to late-game, and finally take over the game with recursion engines and plethora of hyper-synergestic creatures/spells. Tariel, Reckoner of Souls is almost a back-up plan, and she gets out of hand if people don't focus on keeping everyone's graveyards under control.

This deck is fairly well tested. But as always, any suggestions, comments, thoughts, or concerns are more than welcome!

Please note: This is a pretty casual list. I'd love to hear really competitive suggestions, but chances are that I might not put them in the mainboard.

To this end, I run very little mass LD and next to no instant-win combos.

Combos/Synergies (WIP)

Tariel + Thornbite Staff + Sac Outlet = Infinite ETB/LTB effects from your any/all of your opponents' dead creatures. -- For example, I just recently had the opportunity to accidentally combo off on Sylvan Primordial and destroy all of my opponents' non-creature permanents.

Tariel + Indestructibility (or Fanatical Devotion ) + Thornbite Staff + Board Wipe = Reanimate X creatures, where X equals the number of creatures that died. So, it's kinda-sorta a permanent pseudo-Insurrection.

Tariel + Extra Combat Phases = In addition to the extra combat phase (which is already great), you can tap Tariel for an extra creature each time she attacks.

Karmic Guide + Reveillark = Pseudo-Unkillable duo. Add in Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and that's up to 4 unkillable creatures. Add in a Sac Outlet, and you can reanimate your entire graveyard, and it nets you infine ETB/LTB effects from any of your creatures in your graveyard.


Sunforger Package: With Sunforger, you have a fantastic toolbox to work from. Creature removal, countering counterspells, dodging board wipes, permanent removal/burying, mana fix... and you can even tutor for artifacts or enchantments. Everything is reusable, too, due to Mistveil Plains which, yes, you can fetch with Tithe.

Reveillark/Sun Titan Packages: Most creatures synergize very well with these two recursion engines. It gets particularly nasty when combined with the Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Karmic Guide engine which brings all your larger bombs back, too.

Godo, Bandit Warlord: Godo allows any creature with Vigilance to attack during his extra combat phase. This means that in addition to his equipment tutoring, he's basically a second copy of Aurelia, the Warleader for anything with Vigilance (which is a large part of the deck). Also great even when just pulling out Batterskull.

Memory Jar -- Card Advantage + Fills your opponent's graveyards for Tariel to reanimate.


In every EDH deck I make, I add one generally fun, noncompetitive, chaotic card. To me, that's what EDH is all about: A fun, less serious break from more competitive formats.

For this deck, I've settled on Illicit Auction. Neat, huh? Sure it's kinda like removal, but more importantly, it's weird, fun, everyone enjoys seeing it played.

Cards to Consider

On the Chopping Block: Mother of Runes, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and Illicit Auction (For another chaos card, of course)

Seriously Considering: Merciless Eviction

Idly Considering: Wave of Reckoning , Pulsemage Advocate , Kor Cartographer , Rain of Gore, Weathered Wayfarer, Ambition's Cost, Withered Wretch, Ashnod's Altar, Aggravated Assault, No Mercy, Debtors' Knell, Debt of Loyalty, Glacial Chasm, Shred Memory, Peacekeeper

Expensive Upgrades: Mana Crypt, Imperial Recruiter, Umezawa's Jitte

Competitive Mode

I prefer to play casually, but I've got a more competitive EDH tournament coming up later this year, so I figure that I better start planning.

Add: Village Bell-Ringer, Devastation, Debt to the Deathless, Magus of the Moon, Blood Moon, Cataclysm ,

Considering: Restoration Angel, Worldslayer, Razia's Purification

(Note to Self: Obtain an extra Cavern of Souls.)


Updates Add

After a number of sessions with this deck, I'm really enjoying it. Each time you play it, things work out differently. It seems that I'm finding a new combo/synergy each time I play it, which is really awesome.

As always, suggestions are more than welcome! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the deck!

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