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Grave Pyromancer (Black/Red)

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos)



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Red Black deck focused on surveil, discard/draw, sacrifice and the power of the grave. Malleable grave play, and this deck has a few ways it benefits from lots of creatures in the grave. Some destruction sorceries/instants for longevity, and high cost creatures are for when there's a full graveyard to play with. Otherwise, this deck functions as quite aggro by keeping the opponents board clear and lots of low cost creatures hitting the face (which can be revived if killed) until the bigger creatures can come out and clean the game up.

Spectacle costs and direct life damage is involved to help play with a low mana pool. Deathtouch and Flying is peppered in too, and a bit of lifetap to stay alive

Overall, I've really enjoyed playing this deck and refining it, and there will always be minor changes here and there as I get more cards. I'm quite new to deck building, but think I've built something pretty solid out of what I have :)

Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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