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Wizards Preconstructed Deck from Torment

The Grave Danger deck dumps lots of cards into your graveyard. And though you'd expect an Odyssey-block graveyard deck to focus on threshold cards, this one doesn't. Instead it features powerful grave-eating monsters like Psychatog and Organ Grinder . Even if you reach threshold, you won't be there for long.

This deck really shines in a long game, but if your opponent starts applying pressure quickly, you'll need to do whatever it takes to survive. Play your creatures right away and don't be afraid to use their discard abilities - you'll make your creatures temporarily stronger and you'll fill your graveyard. With this deck, a full graveyard is a happy graveyard. Those Psychatog s and Organ Grinder s will thank you for the meal. Chainer's Edict and Churning Eddy will help clear the way for your grave-eaters once you're ready to put them into action.

Throughout the game, take advantage of the deck's many graveyard-filling tricks. The turbo-powered Cephalid Vandal is great in a deck that depends on a full graveyard. False Memories opens up all sorts of possibilities, and it can be a suprise boost for your Psychatog . We wouldn't want to give away all the tricks, but here's one more: Use Cephalid Illusionist's ability on itself after blockers has been declared. It stops on opposing monster for a turn and puts three cards into your graveyard. You'll be attacking with a 12/13 Psychatog in no time.

If filling up your graveyard doesn't work out, switch to a straight beatdown strategy. Balshan Collaborator and Skywing Aven are crucial. If you can reduce the ground to a stalemate, these two fliers can punch through for a win.

To tune this deck, consider speeding it up and focusing even more on the graveyard theme. Take out some of the expensive spells, and increase the number of Cephalid Vandal s and Compulsions. While you're at it, add a couple more Psychatog s. Once you commit to the graveyard theme, the next thing you'll commit will be your opponent.



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