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This is a test build of the new conspiracy Legendary
Grenzo, Havoc Raiser ,

The basic idea is to make lots of creatures early, with either haste or some kind of evasion, with the intent of goading all of the creatures one or more of my opponents make so I can continue my assault.

When my monored barrage starts to run out of gas (in my goldfishing I found it does take a while, five or six turns) I will focus on playing what I steal and hopefully cobble together a win. Without the other player's cards this deck can win a few payoff cards like Shared Animosity and Marton Stromgald.

Part of the deck philosophy is that my curve should be as low to the ground as possible and I should play a fair number of mana rocks so I can play my opponent's cards as well as my own as effortlessly as possible.

The mana base definitely not what the finished deck's will look like. I will be adding some utility lands however I am concerned over Grenzo's double red cost. I want to play him turn 2 always.

Please offer and input you can give.


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