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G/R Big Fat Fatties(Oh & Worldspine wurm turn 3)




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Main Idea - Mana ramp into huge Fatties on early turn! Simple! Right?

Worldspine Wurm on turn three? Surely that's not possible!? Here's how: Turn 1: Forest, Elvish MysticTurn 2: Mountain, Burning Tree Emissary, Burning Tree Emissary, Satyr HedonistTurn 3: Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Tap two mana to activate Nykthos (8 mana in pool) use 1 mana to sac le Satyr Hedonist, (10 mana in pool) Tap Elvish Mystic (11 mana in pool) Cast Worldspine Wurm. LAWL

Besides that little combo (which would rarely occur obviously) there is good synergy between Kalonian Hydra and the rest of my fatties, as all of them can become monstrous which gives them counters. And savage born hydra has counters anyways.

Savage born Hydra + Bloodrush Ghor-clan Rampager = LOL

Fun deck to play, I always love a 15/15 Trampler on turn 3, and more realistically a 5/5 or 6/6 on turn 3.

Thanks for checking it out! +1 if you like and be sure to leave suggestions!


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