Gruul Deck Wins [Retired]

Standard Gim


FNM Performance - August 11, 2017 & v6 changes —Aug. 11, 2017

Round 1: Played against a friend's WR God-Pharaoh's Gift deck. The first two games were over quick with each of us steamrolling the other. The pivotal moment came in game 3 when he used Madcap Experiment and luckily ran into a Gift on the second card. Two turns later, he had 3 Gearhulks on the field and I was left with only 1 creature. I had no issues with the deck in this set. It really did come down to luck. Had he not ran into a Gift, I would have easily won. Very fun set.

Round 2: I managed to win this one against a UG Pump deck. My deck was far too quick for his and Gift of Strength and Magma Spray were key cards in shutting down Skyship Plunderer, which was the crux for all his combos. Luckily his deck had very little protection so most of my combos went through clean and devastated him. A quick 2-0.

Round 3: This round showed me one of two horrible matchups this deck has. This 1-2 loss was very drawn out and agonizing, but that is fairly typical when aggro goes up against Mono-White Life Gain. Authority of the Consuls absolutely shredded my deck. It alone accounted for my last loss, or should I say the three copies he played by turn 3 accounted for it. (I feel that a Mono-Red Burn would have fared better due to less focus on creatures.) Made all of my haste/unblockable combos completely useless and by the time I got around to getting one off, he either had a creature to eat it or enough life to just tank it. Very rough. Last game had us both mana-starved but the first two games were very solid and fun despite losing the set.

Round 4: Talk about a buzzkill. 0-2 against a UG Ramp deck. Completely anti-fun in every regard. It didn't help that I drew crap both games, but the second had me on a double mulligan after a friendly mulligan. I got to do nothing and he shit down my throat. I plan on throwing any games involving this match-up in the future since I'd rather get dinner than waste my time playing against the only match-up that was worse than Life Gain. This isn't completely salt but also understanding that neither Green nor Red contain effective cards that can deal with something like Ulamog. (Bonds of Mortality and Burn from Within are the only two real choices I have.) It's just an unfun match-up and having fun is my main goal here. If it wasn't, I'd be playing Red Deck Wins or a dedicated control deck.

v6 changes: This FNM did open my eyes to some shortcomings of this deck and unfortunately one of them was Pathmaker Initiate. I had thought that this card would help combo with Wildfire Eternal but it is far too slow compared to the cartouche or earthshaker. Surprisingly, Feral Prowler was a huge help in giving me some defense on top of some draw power. I believe I will be replacing Pathmaker with either another creature or more copies of existing cards in my deck, including land. I will also be exchanging the Red deserts with Ramunap Ruins since the former coming in tapped caused my deck to be slower than I liked. I'd rather pay the life for the red mana immediately while also getting the benefits of it being a desert.