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Just a fun little Aggro deck I got the idea for after opening some HOU. My inventory for Standard is limited aside from the AKH block since I only recently got back into Magic.

Thoughts and suggestions are wanted and needed.

Overall Gameplan

This deck is a bit different. It still focuses on burn and creatures but I found a way to create a synergy between the two that allowed for creature-based burn on top of traditional burn and pump. The goal is to hit hard and fast by putting the opponent in a situation where they aren't allowed to resist. A lot of the creatures can't be blocked and those that are deal either afflict or trample damage and both have their nasty repercussions. Simply put, this deck's goal is to put the opponent in a lose-lose situation.

Pick Your Poison

Wildfire Eternal is a nasty creature even on his own. While he's only 1/4, he will cause damage no matter what when he attacks. The opponent will have to make a choice with this card; block and take the 4 damage from afflict or the 1 damage from his attack and whatever card he might have in his hand.

In terms of Wildfire by himself, the main cards you'll be looking to cast with his ability are high cost cards with big effects. There are some of these for Red but most of them are going to be Green. Cards like Overcome and Rishkar's Expertise work well but my personal choices are Inferno Jet, Insult / Injury, and Hour of Promise. Inferno Jet is extremely simple but you usually wouldn't see it any normal deck due to its steep CMC. With Wildfire making it cost nothing, it's a free extra 6 damage. Due to the casting happening immediately after the block step of combat and before the damage step, Insult is actually a decent choice as well for your free cast as it will be an extra bit of damage from Wildfire himself and a sucker punch for any other blocking creatures and is a nasty combination with Invigorated Rampage since you can stack its cast on top of Injury and cause of a lot of spillover damage. Use of pump cards can also make it more likely for them to block Wildfire if you're looking to abuse Neheb, the Eternal's second effect. Hour of Promise is pretty self-explanatory. It's most effective if you already have a desert out so you can search for two more and get the free Zombies out of it. If you have two or more deserts already out, you can simply search for a dual land instead. I will likely switch Hour out later on but for now it's done well to add a bit of ramp and swarm to the deck.

I'll Pick For You

Having the opponent pick their own poison is pretty great but picking it for them is even better. With Earthshaker Khenra and Cartouche of Zeal you can make it so the opponent can't block and force Wildfire's ability to activate. The Cartouche is especially important since it also grants Wildfire haste and a small buff while only being a 1 drop. If you have Rhonas's Monument out and cast Earthshaker you can even pump Wildfire to lay on even more unblockable pain.

Abusing Their Life

After some revising I have decided to include Neheb, the Eternal and Soul-Scar Mage. With them you can always take advantage of any kind of damage you deal. Even without Wildfire, or if he's blocked, Neheb can still take advantage of any damage dealt to the opponent directly and let you cast an expensive card anyways and Soul-Scar can cripple tough cookies that wouldn't overwise die to a simple Magma Spray. Chandra, Torch of Defiance can assist all around and if you can actually get her ultimate off, it's basically game over. Samut, the Tested can also help dole out some extra pain but it's really her ultimate that we're looking for here. With it you can bring out both Chandra and Neheb at the same time and create one hell of a board state.

The Supporting Cast

This sideboard is pretty simple and covers a variety of issues you might run into. Abrade helps deal with artifacts, Bloodrage Brawler helps if you need a cheap beatstick, Burn from Within works well with Neheb's ability and can take out big boys like Ulamog or cripple them greatly with Soul-Scar out, Gift of Strength is here to deal with flyers, and Prowling Serpopard is the best you're going to get when it comes to dealing with control.

If you have any questions about a card's inclusion, or lack thereof, or any possible combos, feel free to leave a comment.


Round 1: Played against a friend's WR God-Pharaoh's Gift deck. The first two games were over quick with each of us steamrolling the other. The pivotal moment came in game 3 when he used Madcap Experiment and luckily ran into a Gift on the second card. Two turns later, he had 3 Gearhulks on the field and I was left with only 1 creature. I had no issues with the deck in this set. It really did come down to luck. Had he not ran into a Gift, I would have easily won. Very fun set.

Round 2: I managed to win this one against a UG Pump deck. My deck was far too quick for his and Gift of Strength and Magma Spray were key cards in shutting down Skyship Plunderer, which was the crux for all his combos. Luckily his deck had very little protection so most of my combos went through clean and devastated him. A quick 2-0.

Round 3: This round showed me one of two horrible matchups this deck has. This 1-2 loss was very drawn out and agonizing, but that is fairly typical when aggro goes up against Mono-White Life Gain. Authority of the Consuls absolutely shredded my deck. It alone accounted for my last loss, or should I say the three copies he played by turn 3 accounted for it. (I feel that a Mono-Red Burn would have fared better due to less focus on creatures.) Made all of my haste/unblockable combos completely useless and by the time I got around to getting one off, he either had a creature to eat it or enough life to just tank it. Very rough. Last game had us both mana-starved but the first two games were very solid and fun despite losing the set.

Round 4: Talk about a buzzkill. 0-2 against a UG Ramp deck. Completely anti-fun in every regard. It didn't help that I drew crap both games, but the second had me on a double mulligan after a friendly mulligan. I got to do nothing and he shit down my throat. I plan on throwing any games involving this match-up in the future since I'd rather get dinner than waste my time playing against the only match-up that was worse than Life Gain. This isn't completely salt but also understanding that neither Green nor Red contain effective cards that can deal with something like Ulamog. (Bonds of Mortality and Burn from Within are the only two real choices I have.) It's just an unfun match-up and having fun is my main goal here. If it wasn't, I'd be playing Red Deck Wins or a dedicated control deck.

v6 changes: This FNM did open my eyes to some shortcomings of this deck and unfortunately one of them was Pathmaker Initiate. I had thought that this card would help combo with Wildfire Eternal but it is far too slow compared to the cartouche or earthshaker. Surprisingly, Feral Prowler was a huge help in giving me some defense on top of some draw power. I believe I will be replacing Pathmaker with either another creature or more copies of existing cards in my deck, including land. I will also be exchanging the Red deserts with Ramunap Ruins since the former coming in tapped caused my deck to be slower than I liked. I'd rather pay the life for the red mana immediately while also getting the benefits of it being a desert.


sebtuch says... #1

You could definitely go for Desert theme in this deck. With deserts Ramunap Hydra would be much better than Wildfire Eternal. I mean, Afflict 4 is a great ability, but what spell would you cast if Wildfire Eternal won't be blocked? Magma Spray? You might consider more powerful spells to play with it, for example Hazoret's Undying Fury or Inferno Jet.

Hour of Promise is great, but it's not that good without deserts.

So if you are going for deserts, you might think about this guy Sand Strangler and Gilded Cerodon

Feral Prowler might be more useful than Oashra Cultivator because you got only two colored deck and you don't need that much mana ramp.

Rhonas's Monument have really great ability, and while your opponent can't block you because of Earthshaker Khenra, Cartouche of Zeal and probably Gilded Cerodon you will deal huge amount of damage during combat and then you could this amount of damage one more time with Fling. But since you won't have that much green creatures, and these are not very expensive, maybe Hashep Oasis would be a good replacement for Rhonas's Monument? Speaking of deserts, you might also go for Ramunap Ruins which works really well with Sunscorched Desert and since deserts are so fragile Ramunap Excavator might be helpful.

I would get rid off Crash Through and maybe move Abrade to the sideboard.

July 30, 2017 4:46 a.m.

Gim says... #2

Yeah I'm thinking of moving the Inferno Jets to my main and pulling the Abrades to side. Unfortunately, I only own 1 Ramunap Excavator so I do not think I can utilize any combination involving it as of now. I'll definitely take it into consideration when editing this deck.

July 30, 2017 2:52 p.m.

dthoreson813 says... #3

July 31, 2017 9:10 p.m.

Gim says... #4

What perfect card for this deck. Thanks.

July 31, 2017 9:27 p.m.

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