Piloting Yasova can be very dynamic. On one hand, just having her on the board may deter opponents from playing any creatures, making the low creature count in the deck matter less. Same if they play creatures. Either way, your creature suite is your opponents creature suit. To go along with Yasova's ability, you need a good pump. There's plenty of ways to make her beefy, like with the under utilized Blackblade, or make her an 8/8 Octopus with an umbra. Now, there's ways to keep or sacrifice your opponents creatures to keep them from them. Bazaar Trader, Conjurer's Closet, and Synod Sanctum are big all-stars. Now, if your opponent get's keen on your shenanigans, you always have removal in the form of turning their creatures into other creatures, and with that, you can always takes those transformed creatures as your own.


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