Gothic Horror is probably the most well-known and popular genre with regards to novels; some of the most adapted stories fall under Gothic Horror. It is the genre I fell in love with after reading Anne Rice's "Interview With The Vampire", Bram Stoker's "Dracula", "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "The Portrait of Dorian Grey". I love this genre so much, I decided to make a deck based entirely on it.

Ludevic and Geralf both represent the famous Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the eponymous character from Mary Shelley's most famous novel. Kraum and the Test Subject in turn represent the Frankenstein monster. Nephalia Academy reminds me a lot of the streotypical Frankenstein lab. Civilised Scholar is the best representation I could find for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Screeching Bat is my classic representation of the stereotypical bat. Olivia Voldaren is my representation of a Vampire noble; the Haunt of Hightower is the representation of rogue, solitary Nosferatu vampires. New Blood is simply a reference to Vampires turning humans into Vampires. With Olivia, I can make and steal Vampires' loyalties; meaning my opponents will be forced to protect their creatures.

Werewolves have naturally also been included - I have to admit they make up the biggest percentage of my creature base. However I wanted a pack of them, due to the fact it is more fun. Arlinn Kord is the only Werewolf Planeswalker, thus she is included. Alpha Brawl is a fun one-sided boardwipe. Moonmist and Full Moon's Rise assist me in transforming my Werewolves. I have even included some Eldrazis to represent the old gods of H.P Lovecraft's mythos. I plan to add either Emrakul or Ulamog to the deck to represent an Old God too.

I also loved the flip cards. Hanweir Battlements + Hanweir Garrison creates an awesome, eldritch walking building. How could I not add it in? Graf Rats + Midnight Scavengers creates a being of nightmare, hence why it is added in as well.

I need some further assistance with this deck so if you know a card with a hidden Gothic Horror meaning, please let me know! Thank you for looking at this deck.

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