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so i have been playing less on my thursday night locals, really just playing 3 rnds and dropping because i work the next day. I have been keeping with the deck and have tested many cards from War, m20 and MoHo. if you see a card from those sets that i am not playing its because i tested and didnt like it. i am still considering Veil of Summer.

Today was the MCQ at Cool Stuff Inc at Orlando, Fl. i played the stomperz, i went X-2 and got 19th, a bit of bubble out for top8 but my home town friends were heavy in top 32. it was a 180 plus player event. i made a few adjustments on the way up, but just add a Return to Nature and switched the number of Blossoming Defense and Path to Exile. The "Ho" better known as the Gak was everywhere and i got lucky i faded it till the 8th rnd and beat it. I didnt play leylines because i dont want to aggressively mull to it and feel Faerie Macacres are great for me. I dont want to say anyone card was MVP because i had so many different card attribute to all my match wins. I do have to say a combination of knowing how to play the deck, my OP not knowing how to beat my deck and the element of surprise mixed with me drawing better than my OP was what i needed for a X-2 record. I always feel i should do better, but not sure how to go about it after the fact.

Rnd 1 UR phoenix 2-0 w Rnd 2 red eldrazi 2-1 w Rnd 3 jund 0-2 L Rnd 4 mono r phoenix 2-0 w Rnd 5 etron 2-0 w Rnd 6 hoomans 1-2 L Rnd 7 UR phoenix 2-0 w Rnd 8 the ho 2-0 w

I felt that my OP that where on phoenix all didnt know how to beat my deck and walked into all my traps. Avatar of the Resolute ate so many phoenixs. E Tron my Op was stuck on mana. my loses were probably my worst matches. The Hogaak match my OP kept some sketchy hands but couldnt keep up which i dont think is indicative how the match should be. The red Eldrazi match up was my most interesting match up for the day.


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