Ever since I saw Goreclaw and Sarkhan's Unsealing previewed, I just knew i had to make a deck with them. Alone, they are both powerful cards, but the combination of the two makes this deck highly explosive. I've aways loved the stompy aspect of Gruul, and these cards capture that perfectly. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave them down in the comments section. Any help is always greatly appreciated! If you do like the list, please Upvote. It helps out a lot! Remember: If it's good enough to add to a folder, it's good enough to Upvote. Thanks everyone!

This deck is a bit confusing as I'm trying to make roughly a mono green stompy deck with a splash of red for R/G Monsters, but I also want the utility Sarkhan's Unsealing gives. I'm aware that there are a lot of creatures I could use that are 7+ power, but IDK if they're good enough without Unsealing on the battlefield. I have no doubt this deck will pick up pieces when Gruul comes out next set. It also happens to have a Dinosaur sub theme, but that is just for the utility of many of the creatures. I would have cut them if I knew of better options.


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There are so many changes that it is hard to keep track. Noticeable losses in mana fixing are Sheltered Thicket and Servant of the Conduit. Big threats lost include Rhonas the Indomitable and Glorybringer. Removal in Abrade and Chandra's Defeat has been lost as well. We did get some good creatures in Guilds along with knowing Gruul will be a guild coming up soon, that means just more support for this fun deck. Hope you all still like the deck, despite rotation!



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