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Commander / EDH GWU (Bant)


First of all, I have the inspiration to make this decklist from this primer


I wanted to build a powerful draw-go deck that can be perceived as fair but that can have a big win %.

I needed a control deck that was fair, not locking the table, not taxing people, but also a deck that can stand its ground against aggressive decks.

Deck philosophy

You may think is not, but a 4/4 flyer with a bounce ability that gives an opponent a card if you bounce it it is a deterrent for combats, nobody will attack you with a 20/20 (unless trample) while you have the hipo on the field because it will do just nothing, you will chumpblock and bounce and other opponent will have that card so there is no much incentive to attack you.

Also, because we will have only the 4/4, some attackers will pass, and we wont be perceived as an unbeatable control deck that cannot be attacked.

We want to be perceived as a weak deck, so we won't:

  1. Have big hands
  2. Have big board presence
  3. Have any kind of recursion (no OP things like card:Capzise)

We do want:

  1. Counterspells
  2. Boardwipes
  3. Removal
  4. Fogs

While our commander seems to be a group hug deck, we are not, we won't play those cards and we won't use our commander as a group hug tool.

Group hug is a bad strategy because if you give advantageous things to every opponent (like Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis ) then there is no incentive for opponents to cooperate with us, they will have the effect whatever we want it or not. and if we just donate useless stuff like Faith's Fetters with Zedruu the Greathearted then our opponents are not having nothing and we are a threat.

With the hippo we can control which gifts we gave to which opponents so we can actually make deal that will favor us

We win by beating up faces with our commander, yes, beating faces with a 4/4, we do not play other creatures, we do not play combos or tricks, our opponents will always know how do we win, no surprises, no fear for the wild.

If we can survive to be the last man against the most powerful deck of the table, we run a lot of boardwipes and removal, so we can 1v1 like any other good control deck if all we have in front is a single player.

It works, very very well, and it is very fun to play because we offer ZERO interaction with our game plan, I mean, we do not have mana rocks, we do not have enchants, we only have lands and one creature, we do not have nothing worth to be stolen or destroyed but lands

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